VARIGOTTI and and surrounding areas


Varigotti is a small Saracen village in the province of Savona and a district of Finale Ligure since 1927. Varigotti an exceptional  natural beauty with some of the most extensive beaches in Liguria, both free and with bathing establishments. It also has a vast network of paths that make for pleasant walks, where you can discover caves and old, ruined walls.

varigotti finale ligure savona

One of these paths leads you to the church of Saint Lawrence(san Lorenzo), built on a cliff overlooking the bay of the Saracens.The association Friends of Saint Lawrence(gli amici di San Lorenzo) organizes guided tours of the church (phone 345 1127439 for individual or group tours).

varigotti finale ligure savona

The old quarter of Varigotti (vecchio borgo) still retains its original features with the charm of its Saracen houses.These houses have direct access to the beach and are characterized by….brightly coloured walls,cubic shape,tiny Windows,terraced roofs,narrow alleyways and external staircases.

varigotti finale ligure savona

As well as the ample beaches, made up of sand and pebbles where you can find the fishermen’s houses you can also find three famous beaches of the Riviera: The bay of the Saracens, the beach of Malpasso and the small beach at Punta crena.

“It may happen that some people may not remember a town in Liguria, but if the person speaking is an artist or a poet then he knows where Varigotti is and what  it’s like for sure”.

FINALESE (The town of Finale Ligure and its surroundings)

This area offers history lovers the chance to go back in time by visiting the castles of Castelfranco, Castel Govone, Castel San Giovanni and the cloisters of Saint Catherine(chiostri di santa caterina) where you can find the local archaeological museum . Finalborgo is an ancient hamlet which is a pedestrian area, partly enclosed by the original, ancient stone walls, the old City gates which allowed people to enter into the hamlet, semi-circular towers here and there among the walls and Renaissance buildings. It is considered one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy. Every summer there is the Medieval re-enactment of life in the Middle Ages (Viaggio nel Medioevo).


The area of Finale Ligure is a karsic one full of caves and grottos that were once inhabited by Prehistoric people. Some are easily reached by walking paths and can be visited, such as Arene Candide,The Arma grotto, the Falsari grotto and the Fairy cave(arma delle fate).

In the nearby towns there are two famous cave complexes: the caves of Toirano ( and the caves of Borgio Verezzi (, both open to the public.


During the years Finale Ligure has become an all-year round tourist destination,particularly for outdoor sports.Mountain biking has become one of the symbols of Finale Ligure,which is now recognized as a Capital of outdoor sport and the final leg of the Enduro World series.Finale ligure is also famous in the climbing world thanks to its 150 climbs that are in an area of 10 square km around the town and hundreds of cliffs with Grade 2 and 3 difficulty.

There are many other outdoor activities for those who prefer adventure to relaxing. can offer: trekking, hang-gliding, paragliding, snorkelling, diving, sailing and whale-watching plus many others.

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